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one point, due to the crowded state of the sauna, a man casually wandered in and sat down directly next. Have you had an experience at a nude spa? Did you know that 75 of preference requests are for female therapists? Nowhere, it seemed, was safe. I tried not to look but how could I not? 2 If provided, wear plastic sandals in the shower to protect your feet from coming into contact with the floor and to keep from slipping. Not in terms of women; theres nothing really unusual about that.

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Bathing suits were permitted in one section of the thermal pool area. My ideas and inhibitions arent appropriate here and I knew very well what I was getting myself into when I entered this building. You see, we had sat in the incorrect manner with skin touching the wooden benches. Inside a German spa: I do have to admire the Germans for their relaxed, business as usual ways, even when completely exposed. Afterwards, in German, he communicated his offense to the other sauna goers, shaking his head, labelling us as not German and accusing us of being on a school trip! This isnt my turf. The men proudly swaggered around the complex, chests puffed, wagging their willies around for the world to see. So I packed my bathing suit. I think Ive seen enough to last me a good while.

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4 If you do feel like asking about spa nudity protocol on the phone or in person, try these questions: What is the custom here regarding what I should wear for my spa treatment? Nonetheless, I felt a curious mix of intense awkwardness and a very real fear of losing myself in a childish fit of giggles at this whole experience. Some of the women in my company chose not to venture out of this area for the remainder of the day. In the hot tub? Not only did he tell us off, but he got up off his bench and walked directly over to us to. Throughout German history, thermal springs have been used amongst all classes of the population for medicinal purposes. Everyone was lumped in the one area together, undressing side by side.

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Clothed female nude male sauna ortenau Of course, I have no right to be offended by any of this. They had already seen too much. A haven of clothed, protected people.

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I intensely felt the proximity of his bits, right there, right next. There is a very strict sauna etiquette and we were chastised by a grumpy, old, naked man about our lack of adherence. A big no-no apparently. Many Europeans, and particularly Germans, find it incredibly joyful to experience relaxing activities nude. To be perfectly honest, the prospect of being naked amongst a whole group of strangers (let alone my co-workers!) made me hugely uncomfortable. The Germans take their spa culture pretty seriously. We didnt abide by this clothed female nude male sauna ortenau rule of course. What is the custom regarding clothing in the sauna? In the end, I was happy that I gave the German spa a go, even if I did stay within the vague proximity of my comfort zone in not stripping off. But having personally never been anywhere remotely like this before, I have to admit that it was overall quite a confronting experience, even when I did not fully participate in their strange, customary behaviour. Yep, you read that correctly. They were pretty impressed with their immaculately groomed nether-regions, that was clear. Id love to hear your opinions in the comments below. If you think that Germans stare a lot anyway, just wait until you step inside a traditional German spa covered. The specific manner in which this was to be enjoyed also developed alongside. Most females prefer a female therapist and most males prefer a female therapist as well. Everyone (except my group of friends and I) was stark naked. 1 Shower with soap before entering a hot tub, sauna or steam if you're in a country where you will enter the facilities whether nude or with a bathing suit. Think nude Swiss alpine hikers or sunbathing beach-going Scandinavians.

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