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Spanking. It will trigger the production of endorphins in the receivers body, will help them relax and enjoy the process to the max. If you have a taste for that extra sensation, we have something for you. Mini O-rings connect each chain, opening the opportunity for additional weight and restraint accessories. How to check if the buttocks are warmed up and ready for more? Sale, quick View, do you dare? If using an item which prevents you from speaking, such as a mouth gag, hood or mask, you should arrange another way to safe out of proceedings if you need.

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Price range: usually free, how to use: Great for traditional OTK (over the knee) spanking sessions, or just a bit of slap during the slap tickle of corporal punishment. Quick View Add some bling to your sting with this vegan leather Sparkle Flogger. Sale Quick View This unique paddle leaves a striking impression. Quick View Caning was a common form of judicial punishment and official school discipline in many parts of the world in the 19th and 20th centuries. Just one crack and your lover will submit to your every desire! Strokes are usually on one buttock for a while then the other, or both alternately by using a figure of 8 flogging motion. Sale Quick View Which is worse, its bark or its bite? Quick View, the clitoris boasts more than 8,000 nerve endings, but did you know that most of them are located at the sides? How do you know which ones are right for you? The thin stingy surface it precise in its bite and it moves effortlessly never hurting the handlers wrist. penis vibrater spanking caning

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This small but sturdy whip offers both a seductive swat or a superb lashing your choice. This cattle prod style electro play wand creates different sensations specific to the area it is applied with a light zap perfect for training or teasing. Quick View Classic alligator style clamps in an extra wide design adjust for the tightest fit necessary to keep them on as the heavy connecting chain swings and tugs at the wearers tender flesh. The Leather Punishment Paddles metal core serves a dual purpose to keep it firm and imposing in your. Keep your lover's wriggles of excitement under control in any position with the silky bondage rope, then reach for the rest of the kit to reinforce your command. Floggers can be short, medium or long tailed, and are versatile enough for sensual romantic teasing touches up to inflicting a harsher more painful punishment.

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Sale Quick View Scandal Feather Crop is a hand stitched, dual ended crop and tickler. The quality leather collar secures by means of a buckle and has two. Makes a stunning gift or addition to a 'forever'. Quick View, fifty Shades of Grey Tease Feather Tickler. Measuring 18 inches of premium silicone molded in a single piece, this strong, versatile flogger is designed to make your subs quiver in anticipation. Paddles are also a great warm up before moving on to other, harsher forms of corporal punishment, or just great fun on their own. However, the majority of bullwhips and single tails are very long, and therefore require a lot of room to use them. This collection speaks to feminine elegance with its black. Sale, quick View, this three-ply leather slapper is great for beginners because it's easy to use and sounds more dramatic than it feels - the sound of the leather smacking bare skin is amplified by the layers of leather above. This reinforced silicone paddle lets you start off with light taps and progress.

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Bring your kinky fantasies bdsm düsseldorf erotikportal deutschland to life by teasing and pleasing your partner with the same tool. Delivering teasing strokes and sharp licks, this whip intensifies passions and indulges submissive fantasies. More suited to those looking for traditional sado-masochistic sessions, or Dominant/submissive relationships where a crueller form of training or punishment is desired. Tickling, tingling, and a moderate sting are all within the realm of possibility with the Stinger. Sale Quick View Triple the pleasure. Quick View, fifty Shades Freed adjustable nipple and clitoral chain. Work up to firmer strokes from light swishes over their upper thighs and buttocks. Quick View Sensuously spanked. You can receive training by seasoned professionals at various kink and fetish clubs around the country, or by hooking up with contacts at such events as the London Fetish Fair or the Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar. Sturdy crop with designer accents on one end, tickling feather on the other end. Quick View This black vinyl paddle features a red cheeky xoxo design that leaves a sexy impression on your partner! A safeword should always be respected and will always be respected by honourable members of the bdsm community and anyone who really cares about your mental and physical safety. Start by tickling and stroking with the sweet vegan fur then leave a sassy sting with the flat soft. Deliver a sensual swat to correct their behavior. Nickel free and non-tarnishing, these clamps feature soft pads on the tips to protect your sensitive skin. A clit clamp focuses attention exactly where you need it, delivering increased sensitivity and better orgasms. Sale Quick View Suction set of 2 large cylinders to stimulate nipples and clitoris. The backlash of a single tail coming back at you can hit your own face, the back of your neck or even catch your eyes. Includes one 16 inches faux pearl nipple clips. Fifty Shades of Grey got you all fired up for a bit of corporal punishment? How to use: As an extension of your hand. Used to gently caress or flog your partner with surety of stroke, this flogger adds some bling to your sting. . Quick View, enliven your bedroom bondage play with sensual strokes and punishing spanks from this slender riding crop whip. A cane can be used quite lightly but is much more effective when used on a very masochistic submissive or play partner. Kiss the hurt areas, massage them with cooling oils to bring heavenly feels and heal the skin.

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